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Supporting Local at the Seaside Farmers Market

June 20, 2024 | by Margot Bigg

Summer Wednesdays in Seaside are extra special, when the weekly Seaside Farmers Market sprouts up at the Sunset Recreation Center parking lot from 2­ to 6 p.m. Grab a basket and head down to the market — which runs from June 19 through September 18, 2024 — to pick up locally grown produce, crafts, sweet treats and more. North Coast producers grow or create much of what you’ll see there. For even more local food, visit some of the many nearby stops on the North Coast Food Trail (and check out this video featuring the market). Here’s a taste of what you can expect this summer.


Mingle With Farmers and Makers From Seaside and Beyond

This year the Seaside Farmers Market has nine booths focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables, nearly double what they had last year. Head to Diem Farms’ booth to pick up eggs, produce and handicrafts. Make sure to swing by one of Blackberry Bog Farm’s two booths to get your fill of fresh veggies, berries and hanging flower baskets. Pablo Munoz Farms will sell a wide variety of produce across three booths, with seasonal treats ranging from apples to zucchini.

While the chance to buy fresh-from-the-earth produce from North Coast farms is reason enough to visit the market, there are also plenty of booths where you can pick up gifts creatively crafted by local makers. If you’re in the market for home goods, don’t miss the fused dishes and coasters at Glass Gargoyles or the hand-sewn aprons and blankets at Homestead Crafts. If you prefer to do the sewing yourself, head over to Becky Sue Creations for colorful millefiori buttons along with sewing accessories, light-switch plates and even fairy doors. Seaside Stone sells creations made from stones collected in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, cut and set by hand in earrings, rings and belt buckles. Treat yourself or a loved one with some artisan soap or salve from Sunset Beach Products

Gourmet gifts also abound at the Seaside Farmers Market. Stock up on seasoning blends and fragrant teas at Spice and Tea Lab’s booth, or make your way to Seaside’s own Buddha Kat Winery, which stocks everything from Port-style dessert wine to pinot noir. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try the bonbons and peanut brittle at BigShus Chocolates. Be sure to also try out some of the seemingly endless options at Brevin’s Solid Gold Fudge, where flavors range from classics such as dark-chocolate orange to surprising combinations (think pineapple habanero).  


Fuel Your Shopping With Tasty Treats

The Seaside Farmers Market is a great place to grab lunch or a snack. Malia’s Grill serves Hawaiian-style rice bowls topped with teriyaki chicken or tofu, kalua pork and cabbage, or raw-fish poke, along with Spam musubi (rice and Spam wrapped in nori). If you’d prefer something sweeter, look for Lily Rose Coffee & Crêpes’ pale-pink food truck, your one-stop shop for rich espresso drinks and crepes filled with everything from strawberries and cream to ham, eggs and homemade hollandaise. Need a bit of refreshment on a warm summer’s day? Cool off with some shaved ice or frozen lemonade from Tibbitts Twisted Ice.

Listen to Live Performances by Local Stars

Want to get a feel for Seaside and the North Coast’s local music scene? Start spending your summer Wednesdays at the Seaside Farmers Market. Familiar faces from the North Coast music scene include John Orr, Clarence Robinson and R.J. Marx (who also play together as the Seaside Jazz Trio). Brownsmead Flats will perform what they call crabgrass music, or bluegrass with a maritime flavor. Other favorites include local musicians like acoustic vocalist and guitarist Jason Lambert, soulful Rain Opera from Astoria, and Portland based folk-rock band Chasing Ebenezer.

You’ll find performance schedules and an interactive market map on the Seaside Farmers Market website.

Photos by Greg Kozawa

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