Seaside is for fun


Some places are just for relaxation. You can do that perfectly well in Seaside but we also promise you'll have tons of fun. We are the kite flying, sand castle making, boogie boarding, ancient forest hiking, grand promenade strolling, Skee-Balling, kayaking, tandem biking, swan boating, sunset picnicking and bumper car-bumping capital of the Oregon Coast! Which is to say, Seaside is for remembering what an amazing vacation feels like.


More To Discover!

Caper on the Coast

Help solve the crime of who stole the Big Orange Chair.

Beach Clean Up
Coins for Cleanups

Earn $$$ rewards for doing a little good while having a lot of fun.

Kids feed seals at Seaside Aquarium
Seaside Inside

You can stay indoors and have an excellent time in Seaside.

Biking in Seaside

Revel in the ride on two wheels, surreys or tandem bikes.