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5 Places to Watch the Big Game in Seaside

December 16, 2022 | by Adam Sawyer

If you’re interested in watching the Big Game — either the one in February for professional football, other epic sports matchups or even the Olympics — Seaside has a number of great places to enjoy it. With plenty of televisions, friendly fans cheering on their team, and excellent food and drink options, you’ll find many sports bars and pubs in town. Here are just a few of our favorites.


1) The Times Theatre & Public House

The Times Theatre & Public House, a historic venue from the 1940s located in the middle of the action on Broadway, has been brought back to life in spectacular fashion with a theater-size screen that specializes in live sporting events (and the occasional movie). In-house Sisu Beer produces all the suds — including IPAs and a smoked porter — in the facility directly behind the big screen. With claims that they’re “the largest television in town” and great craft beer, you won’t want to miss a game shown here. Bonus: The food menu is diverse and well executed. Think truffle fries, chicken and sausage jambalaya, and halibut fish tacos. 


2) End of the Trail Public House

The roomy pub at the End of the Trail Public House serves appealing, reasonably priced craft cocktails — a steal at happy hour — as well as 12 beers on tap. As for the game, choose from one or several of 10 TVs. If your teams aren’t playing that night, opt for any number of board games, pool, darts and even shuffleboard. The cheery atmosphere is made even better with a Bluetooth jukebox you can connect to your phone. Conscientious drinkers will find several wise choices on the “Good Food for Absorbing Alcohol” section on the menu, including turkey paninis and all-beef hot dogs.


3) Legends Public House

If you happen to be out doing some shopping at Seaside Outlets before a big game, you might already be within a stone’s throw of Legends Public House. The English-American pub serves up a vast array of sandwiches from a Cubano ham and cheddar with pickles to a Vietnamese-influenced braised pork belly bahn mi on a pub roll. You’ll see the legends on the walls, lovingly adorned with photographs of characters like Johnny Cash and John Wayne. The pub also provides an extensive list of wines, spirits and beers — including a properly executed draft Guinness — to enjoy while keeping your eye on the score. 


4) Capricorn Pub

With free foosball, darts and board games plus 50-cent pool, the Capricorn Pub welcomes fans of all kinds of games. This is another spot with a great atmosphere, friendly service and good vibes. Come for the local beers on tap or select from a creative lineup of eclectic mule cocktails — Moscow and beyond. Even better is the Eastern European-influenced, soulful food menu that includes gyros, stuffed peppers and Romanian cabbage rolls, prepared in loving accordance with owner Elena Shern’s grandmother’s recipe.


5) Billy Macs Seaside Bar & Grill

For starters, you have to love a bar that serves a solid breakfast, especially when that includes Mexican-style chilaquiles with eggs and tortillas. But as far as the Big Game goes, Billy Macs has that special vibe for sports fans and a great patio. A local favorite surf bar conveniently located not far from the Cove — Seaside’s surfing hot spot — the eatery blends surfer chill with Pacific Northwest warmth. Toast your favorite Olympic athletes with a classic cocktail or buy a round from 14 rotating beers on tap when your team scores. You’ll definitely want to pair your drinks with burgers, nachos, tatchos or tacos. 



The Times Theatre & Public House photo by Don Frank

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