Help Us Keep The Beach Clean (and earn rewards)

We’ll give you $5 in redeemable Beach Cleanup Coins for being part of the solution.

There’s nothing better than wiggling your toes in the sand, hearing the cry of the seagulls overhead and tasting the salty ocean mist. When the beach is dirty, though, it can dampen the experience for everyone. Approximately 14 billion pounds of garbage — from water bottles to food wrappers — are discarded into the ocean each year. Beach trash isn’t just unsightly; it’s dangerous to wildlife and for kids and bare feet. Luckily, visitors and local volunteers are playing a huge role in keeping our beaches clean. YOU can help and earn rewards each time you visit.

How To Earn Beach Cleanup Coins:

1) Stop by the Seaside Aquarium to pick up some free beach cleanup bags and gloves on your way down to the sand. Once you find your spot, fill up the bags with any debris surrounding you.

2) Snap a selfie of your group’s handiwork! When you leave the beach, drop your full bags next to any garbage along the Prom so our hard-working Public Works department can dispose of them properly.

3) Visit us at the Welcome Center, show us your selfie(s), and receive your beach cleanup coins and a high five. That’s it!

REWARD TIME: Each coin is worth $1 toward anything at participating coffeeshops. We’ll reward you with $5 in cleanup coins per person who removed at least one bag of debris from the beach… yes, kids included!

Example: Family of five fills three bags together = $15 in cleanup coins.

Where To Spend Your Coins:

Beach Day Coffee
7 Broadway

Burly and the Bean
1803 S. Roosevelt Drive (sit-down, not drive-thru)

Caffe Latte
300 Broadway, Suite 19 (in the Carousel Mall)

Controversial Coffee
111 Broadway, Suite 7 (in Inverted Experience)

The Cookie Jar Bakery
8 N. Holladay

Seaside Coffee Roasters
S N. Holladay Drive

Join A Group Cleanup:

To participate in existing group efforts, check out Seaside’s Treasure the Beach cleanup, held the first Saturday of every month from 9 to 11 am. Consider also joining the thousands who participate in SOLVE‘s Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup in April and the Beach & Riverside Cleanup in September.

These efforts are having a big impact. Monthly cleanups removed 1,865lbs of debris from the beach in 2019 and 2,180lbs in 2020 despite the pandemic. Thank you for being part of the solution!