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Pet Boarding in Seaside

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JackI have a dog named Jack. He LOVES the beach, especially Seaside. He loves running by the waves, chasing birds (of course I never let him close to them), and meeting other dogs on the beach. Seaside is a wonderful place to bring dogs. You can take your dog along the beach, walking along the Prom, take them on a hike along Tillamook Head, and more!

Make sure when you bring your dog for the day you donít forget to bring the leash, dog toys, a towel to dry them off, water bowl, and anything else your dog might need for the day. Itís easy to make a quick decision to grab the dog and head to the beach, but you might end up having to buy forgotten items if you donít plan ahead.

But what happens when you want to go into one of the many amazing restaurants to grab a bite to eat? Or go shopping in the fabulous shops along the Prom, and Fido canít come along? Itís not ideal to leave a dog in the car for several reasons. Your dog could get stolen, can get heatstroke, or could panic and damage your car.

So what do you do with your dog? Thankfully there are some options while youíre in Seaside. If youíre staying at one of the pet-friendly hotels (and you brought your kennel/crate) you can leave your dog in the room for a bit (make sure you take them for a long walk first). Usually this is only an option for the non-barking types of dogs.

If you have friends or family nearby you can ask if you might leave your precious pooch with them for a few hours (maybe in exchange for a gift certificate to one of their favorite shops or restaurants?).

But what if youíre just visiting Seaside for the day? There are a few options for daytime boarding. Some of these places offer grooming, bathing, and even massages for your dog. Why not pamper your pooch while you spend the day pampering yourself?

Here are some boarding options to check out:

Seaside Pet Clinic (503-738-8846)
Bay Breeze Boarding in Warrenton (503-861-7211)
Jean's Boarding Kennel (503-738-6996) in Seaside
Beach Puppy (503-738-9262) Dog-friendly store that can offer advice as well as fun treats, gear, and more for your dog.
You need to make sure you call, and arrange for boarding prior to bringing your dog. Most places have certain requirements and limited boarding (since everyone else is looking for places to bring their dog too).

We dog owners love to bring our dogs with us wherever we go (they are known as manís best friend for good reasons). Thankfully Seaside offers some different options for you, and your dog so you can both enjoy a memorable day at the beach.


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mary jo 6/4/2012 
thank you so much for listing these boarding places for dogs in seaside! i grew up in portland and spent lots of time in gearhart; this summer my husband and i are renting a condo for 2 weeks there, and bringing our dog. but i know there will be times when it will be best to take him to a day care while we go to portland or church, etc. again, thanks for posting these places and i look forward to calling them to find out about their individual requirements and services. seaside and gearhart are the best! regards, mary jo (in arizona)

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Jon (Seaside VB Staff) 5/11/2011 
Thanks for the additional listing info. As with any posting on here, if you (as a reader) know of additional resources or something we may have overlooked, please don't hesitate to post your comment here. That's what this forum is for and we appreciate all feedback.

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Seaside Chamber 5/11/2011 
Also offering services: Seaside Chamber member-Furry Friends Pet Sitters (503) 440-9024

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