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Seaside Prom

1921-2021 Centennial

After 101 years, it's time for a vacation.

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Learn About The
Great Prom Centennial

Visit Seaside and leave with Centennial keepsakes:

  • Spend the night in Seaside. Hotel, motel, home stay, camping or RV - they all work.
  • Visit the Seaside Visitors Bureau at the intersection of 101 and Broadway. We'll give you a custom, one-of-a-kind centennial sticker. They're holographic, shiny, and a handsome addition to your collection.
  • Grab your FREE Prom Centennial book! Learn all about the history of the Prom, get tips on where to eat and shop, participate in a scavenger hunt, and take a self-guided historic homes walking tour.

Seasons on the Prom

Here's to another 100 years of family strolls, early morning jogs, sunset bike rides and perfect days spent at the beach.


Embrace the slower pace of winter. Although snow is a rare treasure, weather takes center stage as The Prom becomes a walkway for storm watching over the Pacific. Wear layers!


Whales aren't the only wildlife you'll see from The Prom in spring. Keep watch for migratory birds as you stroll, especially at the start of sun breaks between storms.


Summer is when Seaside becomes its most bustling beach town self. Join the 100-year tradition of spending these long days playing along The Prom, Broadway and the beach.


Enjoy some of our favorite weather of the year. Perfect for outdoor recreation like hiking, biking, clamming, and - of course - holiday shopping from sunrise to sunset.


Approximate number of steps you'll take crossing the 1.5 mile Prom in one direction.


Arches built into the oceanfront Promenade, along with 50 iconic lamp posts.


Iconic lamp posts that grace The Prom from one end to the other.


Hotel properties directly on or within one block of The Prom. And that's not counting vacation homes!

Where To Find Stuff

Points of interest for the year-long, tell-a-friend, invite-the-family, never-before, never-to-happen-again Prom Centennial.

Get acquainted and explore

  • Seaside Visitors Bureau
  • Lewis & Clark Salt Cairn
  • The Turnaround
  • Seaside Aquarium
  • Carousel Mall
  • Prom Bike Shop
  • Wheel Fun Rentals
  • Seaside Museum
  • Convention Center
  • and so much more...

Seaside Welcome Center

Stop and see us for Beach Cleanup Coins and your free Prom Centennial booklet. After that, we'll help you:

  • Find a secret painted rock beach.
  • Discover whole sand dollars at low tide.
  • Feed the seals by hand.
  • Shop for beach books and baked goods - at the same time.
  • Experience one of the last Fascination Parlors on the West Coast.
  • Catch your own dinner.
  • Answer those questions about Seaside that even Google doesn't know.

Our History

Seaside has one of the most remarkable stories in the Pacific Northwest. Here's a brief history of Seaside and The Prom.

  • Members of the Lewis & Clark expedition establish a salt works where The Prom is now located.

  • First boarding house established in the area.

  • Railroad magnate Ben Holladay builds the Seaside House (now site of the Seaside Golf Club).

  • Tillamook Rock Lighthouse completed in the ocean two miles offshore.

  • Seaside officially incorprated. The city of 400 welcomed as many as 10,000 visitors each summer.

  • A great fire destroys much of downtown. The Historic Gilbert District dates from the rebuild.

  • Dedication of the concrete "seawall" attracts hundreds of officials and thousand of visitors.

  • Natatorium from 1914 converted into the Seaside Aquarium (and still going strong on the Prom).

  • Seaside is witness to attack of Ft. Stevens by a Japanese submarine, six months after Pearl Harbor.

    The Kingsmen are inspired to record "Louie Louie" after hearing it at the Pypo Club in Seaside.

  • Lewis & Clark statue installed in center garden at the Turnaround.


Get a free Prom Centennial Booklet at the Visitors Bureau to see all 24 historic homes on The Prom, which is lined on one side with summer cottages from the 1800s/1900s.

J. Yeon House

Set apart from other Seaside bungalows by the twin hipped dormers with flared eaves, this home features classic qualities like multi-pane windows on an enclosed porch. Yeon supervised building of the Columbia River Gorge Highway.

Mayo House

A late Queen Anne style home with bungalow elements, the wrap-around porch was added in 1921. Note the sawtooth shingles on the south side and the wide eaves supported by blocky modillions and the oriel window.

Black House

This is one of the best-preserved houses on The Prom. its bungalow features include purlins, braces, barge board and exposed rafters. The steeply pitched gable roof is characteristic of the Arts and Crafts style.

Labbe House

This is a bungalow with some Arts and Crafts inspired features, especially the Mission style front door. Bungalow features retained are the wide, overhanging eaves, purlins, braces and barge boards on the multi-light casement and the double-hung sash windows.

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Our Partners

Thank you for coming to explore and celebrate the Seaside Prom Centennial.
Our deep appreciation goes to the following partners: