Visit Seaside Safely and Responsibly

From lodging to dining, here’s what to expect in Seaside during our year-long Prom Centennial.



Persons arriving from other states should practice self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival, limiting interactions to their immediate household. This recommendation does not apply to individuals who cross borders for essential travel. Essential travel includes: work and study, critical infrastructure support, economic services and supply chains, health, immediate medical care, and safety and security.

Oregonians are encouraged to stay local at this time. Seaside and all of the North Oregon Coast currently fall under the state’s guidance for High Risk counties, meaning restaurants may offer indoor dining at 25% occupancy, indoor entertainment and recreation venues are limited in capacity, and indoor social gatherings are capped (six people max from no more than two households). Retail stores remain open at 50% capacity. Parks and the beach are open, too, of course, and hotels may book leisure travelers during this period.

** WHAT’S OPEN? / Restaurants, Bars, Pizza, Coffee Shops, Sweets & Treats ** 

First the unchanged. Today there are beautiful waves rolling into shore at the Cove, and sand dollars spread along the tide line by the Estuary, and sea birds in the rivers under the bridges downtown. The natural world goes on in and around Seaside like it has since time immemorial. We can all take great comfort in that.

Here in the human world, though, we’re taking important steps as a community to keep you (and us) safe. Human beings are smart, and just like our partners in the medical and health care field are stepping up to the challenge posed by the pandemic, our lodging, restaurant, and retail establishments are striving to provide that quintessential Seaside experience within the limits of our current restrictions.

Today in Seaside there are shop owners disinfecting doorknobs and counter tops, restauranteurs removing tables to ensure proper distancing between diners, and hotel staff training on state-of-the-art cleaning regimes. Completely contact-free point-of-sale, curbside pickup, and staggered room vacancy schedules are all being considered across the board. Seaside has long been a destination for Northwest travelers and families spending time together by the sea. Ultimately, it will be our owners, managers, and front-line staff who step up to provide these important services for visitors, as they’ve done for generations here on Oregon’s North Coast.


How To Visit Responsibly

  • Wear a face covering when in public spaces including on Broadway and near the Turnaround.
  • Follow local public health orders – even if they are different than where you live.
  • Explore Seaside but maintain physical distance from other parties.
  • Practice good hygiene to lower the risk of spreading or contracting disease.
  • Support local businesses that inform the character of Seaside.
  • Use contactless payment methods whenever possible.
  • Be patient at hotels, restaurants, and stores as staff adjust to new operating procedures.
  • Dispose of trash and take-out containers properly to protect the beach from litter.


What to Expect at Hotels and Vacation Rentals

Great news for those craving the revitalizing sea air and the sounds of the crashing surf from your balcony: Seaside’s hotels and vacation rentals are open and prepared with safety precautions. So whether you’re ready to check in to your favorite oceanfront retreat, family-friendly rental or romantic boutique, you can sleep easy knowing our properties are doing everything to keep you and your loved ones safe, comfortable and confident during your well-earned getaway. Click here for more on what to expect during your stay.

What to Expect when Dining In or Taking Out

You can bet Seaside’s food and drink establishments have been working hard to prepare for your return and want your support. But before you dive in, know that things will look a bit different, and a little kindness and patience go a long way. Our restaurateurs are pouring their heart and souls into creating a great experience for you amidst the new protocols, which are designed to keep everyone safe. Click here for more on what to expect when dining in or out.

What to Expect at the Beach and on the Prom

Seaside’s wide-open sandy shoreline has been a favorite playground for generations of travelers. As you plan your next trip, you can feel confident that the beach and the historic Promenade are fabulous places to social distance. It’s important to stay at least 6 feet away from people outside of your household, but luckily everyone in the family can do just that in Seaside. Click here for more on what to expect when you return to these beloved spaces.


Safety for Visitors = Safety for Seaside

One thing hasn’t changed: the need to be kind. Now, more than ever, let’s remember we’re all in this together and care about each other. Each and every person we encounter requires patience as we individually adapt to a serious situation.

We can be thankful that much of the Seaside you know and love is back in operation on some level at this point. However, not every business that has been allowed to open has chosen to do so. There are many reasons… from the need to remodel or restructure under current guidelines to staffing and supply shortages caused by the pandemic. Still others remain closed out of concern for the health of staff and customers. If you want to ensure a specific business is open, we recommend you contact them directly (dining listings / shopping listings) or call the Visitors Bureau at 503.738.3097 for assistance.

Importantly, if you feel sick or have been in close contact with someone sick – COVID-19 or regular cold/flu – simply stay home. You’ll have more fun with a clean bill of health and Seaside will still be here to welcome you with open arms.