Treasure Quest 2013

The Quest

The 2013 Seaside Visitor Guide is back with a popular feature that we just can't get enough of: Treasure Quest III. Packed with clues to help visitors navigate Seaside from a unique perspective, the quest was designed without a GPS or Google Map in mind. This year we've narrowed the print quest to six clues and included three online-only clues for those seeking a bonus entry. See complete rules for details.

To have a chance at obtaining Seasideís treasure, visitors need some good old-fashioned treasure-hunting skills. Use our clues as a map to match up some of Seaside's most popular locations and activities with tiny snapshots pictured here.

The Treasure

One first-prize winner (drawn *random from all entries received) will receive ...

  • Lodging accommodations for a 2-night stay courtesy of the Inn at Seaside (restrictions may apply, contact the Seaside Visitor Bureau for details)
  • Four tickets to the Seaside Aquarium
  • One Family Fun Pack, courtesy of Fultano's Pizza and Funland Arcade
  • $25 gift card for Seaside Pig ĎN Pancake
  • Four desserts at Flashback Malt Shoppe.

A second first-prize winner (for the most creative entry) will receive...

  • Lodging accommodations for a two-night stay courtesy of the Inn at the Prom (restrictions may apply, contact the Seaside Visitor Bureau for details)
  • Four tickets to the Seaside Aquarium
  • One Family Fun Pack, courtesy of Fultano's Pizza and Funland Arcade
  • $25 gift card for Seaside Pig ĎN Pancake
  • Four desserts at Flashback Malt Shoppe.

Five second prize winners will receive...

  • Four tickets to the Seaside Aquarium
  • Four desserts at Flashback Malt Shoppe.

Additional Details

For additional details, or a printed copy of the quest, please visit the Seaside Visitors Bureau (7 N. Roosevelt, Seaside, OR) or request your personal copy here.

*Each entry completing the online clues #7, #8 and #9 - will receive one bonus entry

    The Clues
                  (click images for answers)
Clue No. 1 Clue No 2 Clue No 3
1 The owner of this mustache has a shape as round as the goods heís purveying and he usually sleeps on the other side of the glass. If this clue isnít filled with too many holes, youíll find yourself close to the banks of the Necanicum River. 2 This rail-rider never jumped the train. If he did happen to leap off, he would land close to a boxcar and a popular walkway lined with streetlamps east of highway 101 (hint: itís not the Promenade). Whatís a good sign of progress? Why one that points north to brave new vistas of commerce. If youíre strolling through the Gilbert District youíre getting warmer than a cup of steaming hot coffee.
Clue No 4 Clue No 5 Clue No 6
Notice that the kid in this picture is driving? There are two places in Seaside where this can be viewed. One is in the vicinity of Seasideís tallest structure. The other is just south of clue #1 and on the same street. 5 The rain at this location drains two inches of water per hour and the grass never needs mowing. Try heading east towards the mountains on Seasideís main strip. 6 You may have picked up your treasure map or guide here. If not, consider this the go-to source for information on Seaside.
Tqclueno Tqclueno Tqclueno
7 The building depicting this clue anchors Broadway to the Promenade. If you lounge around the front entrance, youíre getting warm. 8 The woman pictured here is a permanent part of Seaside history. You can travel with her into the past at this location on the Necanicum River north of Broadway. 9 If U are on the way to the cove, you can spy this clue near a popular grocery store thatís been around since 1967.
The Rules

1. Match the clues pictured here with the real thing. All items can be found in Seaside. Think attractions, monuments, dining and shopping. All items pictured should be outdoors, but you will need to exit your car to find them. Certain items may only be visible from a specific direction.
2. We strive for accuracy, but if a quest item has been damaged or removed, or if picture lighting is inconsistent (depending on time of day), we apologize for any frustration this may cause.

3. Identify the location of each clue: description of location and/or street address (if possible), name of the building or park, etc. There will be two first-prize winners: 1) Random drawing from entries with the highest number of correct answers (your name will get a SECOND ENTRY if you find three additional clues housed at website. 2) Most creative entry (think photos, videos, poems, etc.)

4. Send ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD (Include your name, address, daytime phone number and/or email address) to: Seaside Treasure Quest, c/o Seaside Visitor Bureau, 989 Broadway, Seaside, OR 97138 or email your entry to

5. Entries must be postmarked no later than Friday, October 18, 2013. Winners and Treasure Quest answers will be announced by November 15, 2013 on the website.
6. All entries will be judged by Seaside Visitors Bureau and Pelican Productions staff.
7. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years or older to win and have valid driver's license and major credit card (to cover lodging incidentals). Extra copies may be obtained by picking up another Seaside Visitor Guide or contest page at the Seaside Visitor Bureau (7 N. Roosevelt), or via the website.
8. Entries can only be submitted by those that participated in your search. Pelican Productions and City of Seaside employees and volunteers (and their family members) are ineligible.

At the conclusion of the contest (after October 18, 2013), answers will be revealed at by clicking on any one of the nine photos pictured above. Winners will be announced and contacted by November 15, 2013! Happy sleuthing!

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