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Fishing at Coffenbury Lake

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Coffenbury WebMy grandfather loved to fish, and so does my dad. My boyfriend works as a fisheries tech for the Forest Service, and loves to take fishing trips with his dad. Iíve only been fishing about half a dozen times, but last year decided to learn to fly fish since Iím surrounded by those who love to fish, and take fishing trips. Seaside offers some great place to fish, and Coffenbury Lake at Fort Stevens is not only a great spot but was also stocked with trout by the Department of Fish and Wildlife on May 2nd.

Before you go fishing at Coffenbury Lake (or anywhere) you need to buy a fishing license. You can buy an annual angler pass for just $33 (there are different fees for residents vs. non-residents, juveniles, seniors, etc.). You can also buy a one-day pass for $16.75 (or buy a two or three day pass). You can buy them online or by mail through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, or at an authorized dealer such as Truckes 1-Stop Mini Mart and Rite Aid. Youíll also need to pay for a day use pass at Fort Stevens/Coffenbury Lake (or for overnight fees if you decide to spend the weekend fishing).

Now that youíve got your fishing license (and gear) itís time to head over to Coffenbury Lake. According to the Department of Fish and Wildlife the lake is well-stocked with legal-sized rainbow trout from mid-March through mid-June. In summer, most fishing is for resident yellow perch, bluegills and brown bullhead. Trout 14 to 16 inches long are stocked in September. Excess hatchery steelhead released in late fall and winter are often available through May.

Coffenbury Lake, besides being an ideal fishing spot, has two swimming areas, a picnic area, restrooms, and a boat ramp (10 mph boating speed limit). Two other smaller lakes offer boat ramps for fishing and canoeing. You donít need a boat to fish because the fish are easily caught from platforms and banks after theyíre stocked. I havenít caught one yet, but I went prior to the time the lake was stocked.

Iím still learning which kind of lures to use, but try out whatever normally works for you. There are also sites, books and local fishing guides such as Letís Go Fishiní Guide that can offer advice on whatís best to use to catch lake fish.

Since Coffenbury was recently stocked, itís a great time to head down there and do some fishing. Coffenbury also has BBQ grills so once youíve caught your limit (5 trout per day), I recommend cleaning your fish and hitting the grills to cook them up.

The best part of fishing for me is spending time outside, with friends and family, and enjoying the day at Coffenbury Lake-although Iím hoping to catch my share of fish this summer too!


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Jennie Hillard 6/6/2011 
This is such a kid friendly lake and one I have fond memories of! Thanks for the good info. I wondered what time of year they stocked it and had no idea it was with steelhead in the fall. If the fish aren't biting be sure to try the easy hike around the perimeter of Coffenbury - great scenery!

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June 4 Seaside Beach Soccer!

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SoccertournI had a very short career as a soccer player. When I was a second grader I loved to play soccer on the grassy green fields at school. None of us really knew too much about what we were doing, but we knew which direction to kick the ball and to not use our hands. One day I was playing goalie and instead of blocking a ball I accidentally helped the ball go into my teamís goal. My teammates were furious and I decided to become a four square player instead.

While my future as a pro-soccer player didnít come to pass (thankfully), Iíve always enjoyed watching soccer games. Professional soccer is developing more and more as a mainstream sport in the U.S. Soccer fans love getting opportunities to watch soccer games, and Seaside is providing another opportunity this summer to watch a great soccer tournament. The 2011 Seaside Beach Soccer Tournament will take place June 4th -5th.

This will be the second year the Beach Soccer tournament comes to Seaside. Seaside hosts the Worldís Largest Beach volleyball tournament with over 800 teams and more than 100 courts, so we are well prepared to host another great sporting event. Whether you watch or play youíll be right on the beach, with the Pacific Ocean in the background.

Beach Soccer was created in its current form of rules and regulations in 1992. Beach soccer is a 5 on 5 game played on a field that is 40 yards long and 30 yards wide. Matches last 36 minutes and are split into three twelve-minute periods. Shoes are not allowed, although ankle guards and sand socks are permitted.

If youíre a soccer player (both recreational and organized teams are encouraged to sign up)you can participate on a team in the tournament. There will be five divisions in this yearís tournament (For youth 12, 14, 16, 18 year olds, and Adults). Youth must be 12, 14, 16, or 18 BEFORE August 1st 2011. There are no restrictions on male/female ratios for Adult Coed Teams. Other standard rules apply and will be available on site or at the event website.

It costs $170 per team to participate in the tournament. You need 5 players per team for each game (and can have up to 10 players per squad). A team consists of 4 players and 1 goalkeeper. You can have unlimited rolling subs for each game. You can visit the event website for more information, and to register.

The tournament starts at 9 a.m. on both June 4th and 5th for those who are watching and playing in the tournament. If youíre like me (and just watching) you can grab a blanket, an iced coffee from a local shop and enjoy watching a great soccer tournament.


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  Comments (1) Last comment made  6/26/2011 
Henny 6/26/2011 
At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for posting!

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The Perfect Smore

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SmoreAs the sun continues to make more regular appearances, I continue to look forward to external sunshine. And, yearning for a sweet treat, Iím reminded of that summer favorite: Símores!

Every summer we have a family reunion at the beach. ď BonnĒ fires and símores are, of course, part of the fun. Iíve earned a reputation around the campfire as the girl in search of the perfect símore. Individually, I quite like graham crackers, chocolate and toasted marshmallows. But all those ingredients combined as the traditional símore have never quite worked for me.

One year I put chocolate frosting on the graham crackers instead of using candy bars. Another year I covered marshmallows in chocolate sauce, rolling them in graham cracker crumbs and then toasting them over the fire. I actually liked those, but nobody else around the bonfire really appreciated my efforts.

The name ďsímoreĒ is a contraction of the words ďsome more,Ē as in, ďI want some more!Ē No one really knows how far back this campfire treat dates, but a recipe for símores can be found in a Girl Scouts publication from the 1920s. The last few decades have seen two types of símores cereal, a símores candy bar, and even símores flavored Pop-Tarts.

Typically, a marshmallow is toasted on a skewer over a fire until the insides are melted and the outside is a crispy golden brown. Then you slide the marshmallow off your skewer by sandwiching two graham cracker squares around it. A square of chocolate is then added to the sticky sweet sandwich and promptly consumed before the marshmallow gets cold.

My problem has always been with the fact that the hard cracker and hard chocolate break up in my hand when I bite down while the marshmallow oozes out everywhere. Theoretically, the warm marshmallow is supposed to soften the chocolate, but I guess I donít have the touch.

My mother-in-law, bless her heart, gave me a microwaveable símore kit to help me in my quest, but microwaved marshmallows donít hold a candle to roasted ones (no pun intended). I suppose the next thing to try is a rack on which I can put an entire assembled símore before roasting over the fire.

I suppose I could also try making homemade marshmallows before hitting the beach, apparently a rather easy task involving lots of gelatin. I could add chocolate flavoring to the recipe and skip the chocolate bars altogether.

But really, I guess what Iíve learned over the years is that the various textures and consistency of the three ingredients is what make a símore a símore. If you donít get sticky, sandy fingers by the time youíre done, youíre not doing something right!

Next time weíll tackle the perfect bonfire and cover some of Seasideís regulations for beach fires.


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  Comments (1) Last comment made  6/26/2011 
Dolores 5/24/2011 
How delightful, can almost taste the oooey, gooey sweetness now....can't wait for the perfect bonfire!

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Camping in Seaside

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Fort Stevens Yurt Oregon CoastMemorial Day weekend is right around the corner. One of my very favorite things to do during this weekend is to go camping. I love setting up the tents, snuggling in a warm sleeping bag, sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows for símores, and smelling like a campfire all weekend. I love every bit of it! If you've never camped by the Pacific Ocean then you are missing out! You get to add the salty air, sandy beach, and all the benefits of being near Seaside to add to your camping experience.

Now, before I talk about traditional tent camping, Iíd like to mention RV camping. If you need a little more luxury on your camping trip- beds, a kitchen, and all the electrical sockets your heart desires, then you might want to look into RV rentals (or maybe you already own one). There are several RV parks in Seaside that offer different accommodations (pet-friendly parks, showers, fire rings, groceries, etc). They are Circle Creek RV Park - which also offers some tent camping - (503) 738-6070, Truckeís 1-Stop & RV Park (503) 738-8863 and Venice RV Park (503) 738-8851.

For the hardcore tent campers, there are some tent campgrounds available in and near Seaside. Fort Stevens is a personal favorite campground for me. I LOVE history, and the Fort is amazing to explore (including the museum and underground bunker). The campground is located at 100 Ridge Road in Warrenton (just 15 miles north of Seaside). It is a 4,200 acre park that also offers freshwater lake swimming in Coffenbury Lake, trails (nine miles of bicycle trails and six miles of hiking trails), an historic shipwreck and an historic military area. In the summer you can tour a  90-year old underground gun battery that served as a World War II command center, and take a truck tour of the fortifications spanning the Spanish-American War and World War II (for a small charge). They even have Yurts for rent. You can call them with questions at (503) 861-1671.

Then there is Seaside Thousand Trails (aka Leisure Time). It is a private campground where you pay an annual fee to use their campgrounds. They have trailers, cabins, and places to set up tents. They offer recreation facilities that include an indoor pool and spa, basketball court, fitness room, mini golf, and more! They are located on 12th avenue and can be contacted at (503) 738-5292.

If youíre planning on going camping make sure you call (and/or visit websites) to get your reservations! Seaside is a wonderful place to vacation in the summer (and everyone knows it!). Iíve been checking off my summer camping checklist in anticipation of enjoying all the summer fun and camping under the starry skies with the Pacific Ocean waves lulling me to sleep!


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  Comments (6) Last comment made  9/8/2014 
Veronica (Seaside VB staff) 9/8/2014 
Hi, Tara--I recommend checking with Fort Stevens State Park for your group. It's a great campground with lots of bike and hiking trails, historical sites to check out, plus it's right next to the beach where you can visit the shipwreck of the Peter Iredale. There is a swimming area, too, and lots of space to gather in picnic areas. Here is a link to Fort Stevens State Park. Let us know if we can help you any further as you plan your trip to the coast.

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Tara Mcintosh 9/8/2014 
Looking for camping in july 2015 there will be a family reunion so we would like a open area to Accommodate day activities for 50-75 of us in our group. We will be camoing for the week. Thank you, Tara

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Veronica 3/27/2014 
Hi, Lindsay-- Overnight camping on Seaside beaches is not lawful, however there are lots of campgrounds very near to the beach. Here is a link to the latest Oregon State Parks guide. Stop in & see us at the Seaside Visitors Center when you are in the area and we can recommend some camping locations to suit your needs. Thanks! --Veronica, City of Seaside Visitors Bureau staff

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lindsay 3/26/2014 
I was just wondering if it possible to camp right on the beach?

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kendra vieth 6/19/2013 
hi, i was just wondering if there were any campsites open for july 4th to july 5th, thank you :)

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perry tiggett 4/16/2012 
i visited seaside for the first time this past weekend. i was taken by it,s natural beauty and the sorrounding areas wilddrness.i plan on exlporing the area more this summer with my family.can you please email information on camping and other recreational activities which are offerd in the area.

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Golfing at the Beach

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GolfcourseI adore golfing! I love walking along the greens, the feel of a driver in my hand, and I love watching the ball fly through the air. Unfortunately for me, Iím not very good at golf. I can hit the ball straight but not far, and my putting is atrocious! Regardless of my lack of skills I still love it, and thankfully my boyfriend is also incredibly patient while I putt away. As a treat for his patience Iím planning to take him golfing in Seaside. Golfing on a green course with the Pacific Ocean nearby is an incredible experience. There is one golf course in Seaside, and a few close by in Gearhart (just two miles from downtown Seaside).
Seaside Golf Club

Seaside Golf Club is a nine-hole public golf course thatís open 365 days a year (weather permitting of course). Itís open from sunup to sundown with no pre-booked tee time. The Seaside Golf Club is located along the Necanicum River on 102-acre club. It was built in 1923 (and home to the first resort in Seaside), and the second green is only 300 feet to the ocean. You can walk, or use a cart (thereís a fee for the cart). They have a complete pro shop, and you can rent everything except shoes (no need to bring your clubs with you). If youíre hungry after all your putting you can visit the on-site restaurant that has a breakfast and lunch menu (only open during the summer).

Gearhart Golf Links

Gearhart Golf Links (GGL) is an 18-hole public course that also happens to be the oldest golf course in the northwest (it opened in 1892). They also have the bonus feature of having McMenamins Sand Trap on their incredibly green grounds. GGL offers outdoor seating that overlooks the greens and an incredibly delicious menu featuring McMenaminís amazing ales (their cheeseburger and fries are so delicious). GGL features a pro shop, offers instruction, and has rentals (including clubs and carts). Youíll want to make reservations for the course (you can call 503-738-3538 or visit their website).

The Highlands Gold Club

The Highlands Golf Clubs is the only ocean view golf course on the Northern Oregon Coast. Itís a nine-hole public course, and the first place I played golf (so it ruined me for all other courses). Itís a walking course (pull carts are available), so when youíre done golfing you can grab a snack or sandwich, and enjoy a cold beverage on their patio that overlooks the course. Highlands has a great pro shop with extremely helpful staff (I also bought my golf clubs here). Call the golf shop for tee times and more information (503) 738-5248.

Whether youíre a beginner (like me) or are ready to go pro, thereís nothing quite like golfing near the ocean. They are all unique and different but each offer great views, challenging greens, and a memorable experience playing golf on the North Oregon Coast.


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  Comments (2) Last comment made  9/8/2014 
Jon (Seaside VB Staff) 5/20/2011 
Thanks, Kim. We appreciate the feedback and are so glad to hear that you enjoy playing golf in this area. We obviously agree, but it's always nice to hear it from our visitors too. See you in June!

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kim carter 5/20/2011 
I learned to play on the Seaside course this past July. I have played all of the courses in the area, including The Lewis and Clark Course in Astoria. This area has some of the most beautiful courses on the West Coast! What a beautiful area to learn the game, we'll be back the end of June, can't wait! :)

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Making Seaside Beautiful: Gardens

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Community GardenAre you curious about Seasideís flowers and plants? Every time I pass the new garden beds coming to life along Roosevelt (pictured above), I dream of growing my own patch of lettuce, spinach and other edibles this summer. Seeking help on starting a garden plot sent me in search of Pam Fleming, whose reputation as a resource on Seasideís Gardens was a bit understated as I was to discover. I met her at the Grand Opening of Back Alley Gardens (find by walking through Natural Nook Florists at 734 Broadway).

Billed as perhaps the worldís smallest garden center, Back Alley Gardens developed from the work of Cathie Cates of Natural Nook Florist and Fleming of Natureís Helper Landscaping. Both see the garden center as an expansion of their special expertise. They each have something new and creative to offer. From traditional arrangements to livings designs, they want to create long lasting container gardens filled with living bouquets. To do this they are cultivating a selection of plants able to thrive in this coastal area. Now that Back Alley is operating all are invited to bring containers to fill or choose containers from the shop. I did not bring a container but now I know.

What I did bring was my gardening questions and Fleming talked with me and answered questions about the edible variety of gardening. Fleming, a master gardener, and an enthusiastic booster for the Seaside Community Garden (located behind the pool and along Roosevelt near Lyleís) said that the Community Gardens were a smashing success last year and are getting the ground ready for their second year as a resource for local residents wanting a garden of their own. She has been busy planting trees around the raised beds and said Back Alley Gardens is planning on selling locally grown vegetable starts in the very near future. I left rather eager to get started.

After meeting Fleming, I simply had to go through town revisiting and admiring the beautiful miniature gardens found around Seaside all over again. Why? I found out that Fleming makes them. Flemingís Naturesí Helper is the creative force behind Seasideís one hundred plus miniature garden spots known as Pocket Gardens.

Enthusiasts laud Flemingís pocket gardens as living works of art. Wondering where to find them? Flemingís themes and designs are found at the intersections, side streets, and in front of businesses along downtown Seaside, from the turnaround along Broadway throughout the downtown city blocks.  Some of her pocket gardens have themes connected to the businesses they decorate. For example, she planted herbs in front of the Pig and Pancake Restaurant. She is said to plan her gardens in terms of micro climates which is probably why in some of the small more protected garden spaces flowers bloom as early as February.

Her work beautifying Seaside through her many gardens could itself be described as a vision of micro-ginormous proportions. Others have called her pocket gardens living art. However, writer Marilyn Gilbaugh said it better, ďSeaside has its riches:  the ever-changing ocean, long stretches of sandy beach, the surrounding mountains...and Pam Fleming's gardens.Ē 


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  Comments (1) Last comment made  9/8/2014 
Barbara Hassan 5/14/2011 
Pam does such a wonderful job keeping Seaside blooming beautifully; and we all owe her a debt of gratitude for her work and green thumb. However, this particular photo is of the community gardens - - and particularly Jan Barber's plot - -who, with her husband and others, have toiled long hours to coordinate, build, and make these plots available to community members. There's so much more to this story - - I'd love to see it featured next!

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Pet Boarding in Seaside

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JackI have a dog named Jack. He LOVES the beach, especially Seaside. He loves running by the waves, chasing birds (of course I never let him close to them), and meeting other dogs on the beach. Seaside is a wonderful place to bring dogs. You can take your dog along the beach, walking along the Prom, take them on a hike along Tillamook Head, and more!

Make sure when you bring your dog for the day you donít forget to bring the leash, dog toys, a towel to dry them off, water bowl, and anything else your dog might need for the day. Itís easy to make a quick decision to grab the dog and head to the beach, but you might end up having to buy forgotten items if you donít plan ahead.

But what happens when you want to go into one of the many amazing restaurants to grab a bite to eat? Or go shopping in the fabulous shops along the Prom, and Fido canít come along? Itís not ideal to leave a dog in the car for several reasons. Your dog could get stolen, can get heatstroke, or could panic and damage your car.

So what do you do with your dog? Thankfully there are some options while youíre in Seaside. If youíre staying at one of the pet-friendly hotels (and you brought your kennel/crate) you can leave your dog in the room for a bit (make sure you take them for a long walk first). Usually this is only an option for the non-barking types of dogs.

If you have friends or family nearby you can ask if you might leave your precious pooch with them for a few hours (maybe in exchange for a gift certificate to one of their favorite shops or restaurants?).

But what if youíre just visiting Seaside for the day? There are a few options for daytime boarding. Some of these places offer grooming, bathing, and even massages for your dog. Why not pamper your pooch while you spend the day pampering yourself?

Here are some boarding options to check out:

Seaside Pet Clinic (503-738-8846)
Bay Breeze Boarding in Warrenton (503-861-7211)
Jean's Boarding Kennel (503-738-6996) in Seaside
Beach Puppy (503-738-9262) Dog-friendly store that can offer advice as well as fun treats, gear, and more for your dog.
You need to make sure you call, and arrange for boarding prior to bringing your dog. Most places have certain requirements and limited boarding (since everyone else is looking for places to bring their dog too).

We dog owners love to bring our dogs with us wherever we go (they are known as manís best friend for good reasons). Thankfully Seaside offers some different options for you, and your dog so you can both enjoy a memorable day at the beach.


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  Comments (3) Last comment made  9/8/2014 
mary jo 6/4/2012 
thank you so much for listing these boarding places for dogs in seaside! i grew up in portland and spent lots of time in gearhart; this summer my husband and i are renting a condo for 2 weeks there, and bringing our dog. but i know there will be times when it will be best to take him to a day care while we go to portland or church, etc. again, thanks for posting these places and i look forward to calling them to find out about their individual requirements and services. seaside and gearhart are the best! regards, mary jo (in arizona)

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Jon (Seaside VB Staff) 5/11/2011 
Thanks for the additional listing info. As with any posting on here, if you (as a reader) know of additional resources or something we may have overlooked, please don't hesitate to post your comment here. That's what this forum is for and we appreciate all feedback.

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Seaside Chamber 5/11/2011 
Also offering services: Seaside Chamber member-Furry Friends Pet Sitters (503) 440-9024

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Let the Sun Shine In!

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PhannieďApril showers bring May flowers.Ē
ďIf you want to be happy, act happy.Ē
ďIf you build it, they will come.Ē

These are quotes Iíve repeated over and over to myself lately as I wait with anticipation for Summer. Spring can be a mix of brisk, sunny days and scattered showers. On a recent day off, with the sun making brief visits between the sprinkles, I decided to ďLet the Sunshine InĒ Ė if it wasnít necessarily on the outside, I could have it on the inside. State of mind, right?

So first I headed for Seasideís only Hawaiian restaurant, Phannie Phats Dakine Food. I wasnít looking for anything too exotic. Iím embarrassed to admit, but I really wanted to experience Spam the Hawaiian way! Maybe a Spam and pineapple kebob? Iíve heard great things about Phannie Phats. Sadly, Iíd forgotten theyíre only open on the weekends! So if youíre in town on the weekends, definitely check it out. Itís not far from the great shops downtown on 1st Avenue between Roosevelt and Holladay.

I headed a few blocks south to Fairweather House and Garden on Broadway. The moment you step through the door, youíre transported. Owner and Interior Designer Denise Fairweather has an incredible sense of style and strives to make every display its own vignette with a story to tell. With its high ceilings and fresh seasonal colors the shopís got a bright and airy feel that makes you want to take a long, deep, relaxing breath . . . and then redecorate your house! And itís no surprise, considering Denise has practiced her design talents with such notable design houses as Ralph Lauren, Paul Schatz Furniture and Drexel Heritage.

I dodged the raindrops with a sunny smile in my heart as I headed west on Broadway to Islands. There were several places to duck into along the way, like Palapa Beach, Pattyís Wicker Café and the Natural Nook flower shop with their new back garden patio. But I stuck to my guns and headed into the land of tiki torches, Hawaiian shirts, Kona coffee and pirate chests. Islands has a huge selection of products brought directly from the Hawaiian islands and an entire warehouse of incredible carved wood chests. You can actually get custom-designed wood chests for special occasions. For a moment, it kind of felt as if I was in the Pirates of the Caribbean! I came close to buying my first ever floral print shirt, but chickened out and opted instead to spend my money on my favorite chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

A block down the road is Signature Imports in the Carousel Mall which transports you to exotic lands in Africa, South America and Asia. They work with small family-run businesses to bring in hand-crafted folk art, jewelry, clothing and home accessories. My favorites are the flowing skirts and shawls, and the dramatic carvings of long-necked giraffes.

Well, by the end of all this window shopping I was famished, not having had my Spam kebob. So I headed out to the highway, where Holladay meets Roosevelt to a Mexican restaurant Iíve driven by literally thousands of times and never tried. I happened to be perusing reviews on Urban Spoon, and Casa del Sol (Spanish for house of the sun) came up with rave reviews. And there my quest for sun and fun ended with a plate of 3 perfectly delicious, authentic tacos!


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Honeymooning in Seaside

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CoupleonbeachYouíve walked down the aisle, said your ďI dosĒ, the dancing is done (did you see dad doing the chicken dance?), the rice or birdseed has been thrown, and now itís time for you, and your new spouse to head out on your honeymoon. Part of the fun of planning a wedding is also planning the honeymoon (and Iíve been collecting ideas for both)! Many couples dream of the ideal honeymoon location, and on the top of their list should be Seaside! Sand, sea, and surf, along with amazing places to stay, eat, and be merry.

First & foremost you need to find the perfect lodging for your Seaside Honeymoon. Depending on your taste, you can find accommodations ranging from campsites to luxurious hotel rooms.  Check out our lodging system to help you find the right accommodations for your getaway.
There are several hotels that offer honeymoon/romantic packages. Inn of the Four Winds, Inn at the Shore, and Best Western Ocean View Resort are just a few that offer champagne, roses, and details perfect for newlyweds (Jacuzzi tub for two anyone?).

If you enjoy the outdoors, camping might be for you and you can pull up an RV (or tent) at the Circle Creek RV Park. They offer fire rings, a small store, and other amenities.

If you want a different experience, why not try a Bed & Breakfast in Seaside? One of Seasideís B & Bís is the Custer House Bed & Breakfast & Custer Cottages. The B & B is a turn-of-the-century modified Queen Anne style residence listed on the city of Seaside Historic Inventory.

I asked Innkeeper Ali Winchester, who (along with her husband Larry "WedgyĒ) runs the Custer House, if they had any honeymoon specials. ďWe can make up any sort of special gift basket, can provide champagne and chocolate covered strawberriesĒ, Ali said. ďWe even make our own natural bath, and spa products (Grace Body Essentials) that are in all the rooms.Ē

Once youíve picked your lodging youíve really done all the hard work in planning, because Seaside offers many diverse and wonderful dining options to choose while youíre on your honeymoon. From a cozy table for two by the fireplace at the Oceanfront Restaurant to grabbing fries to share at Samís Seaside Café, your choices will be as boundless as your love.

Seaside also offers many activities to enjoy while youíre there. Helicopter rides for two, a round of mini-golf, or catching the latest movie at Seaside Cinemas are just a few of the many options. You can grab a blanket and some firewood and head to the beach to enjoy the sunset, símores, and a few smooches with your sweetie. Of course just walking hand and hand along the ocean shores is always a nice way to spend your honeymoon too. If you are interested in a recreation honeymoon (maybe some biking or kayaking), check out Seaside Naturally and its bevy of trail suggestions.

Thatís the beauty of honeymooning in Seaside! There are so many options for you to design the perfect honeymoon for you and your new spouse. What a perfect way to start your married life together- with warm memories of your time together in Seaside.


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  Comments (2) Last comment made  9/8/2014 
Jon (Seaside VB Staff) 5/5/2011 
Thanks for the nice comment, Faye! We look forward to your visit. Stop in the Visitors Bureau and say hi, if you have the chance!

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Faye 5/4/2011 
We will be celebrating our 29th anniversary in Seaside this summer. It's one of our favorite places anywhere.

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Big Bounce Toys

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Big Bounce Toys ()Iím always on the lookout for fun things my kids can do on a rainy day, especially creative and/or physical activities that get us out the house and away from the TV/computer/video games (you get the idea). And Iíve long lamented that Seaside doesnít have a fast food joint with one of those indoor play areas with plastic tube slides.
Well, a new business in Seaside has something even better! Big Bounce Toys, right on the main highway across from Rite Aid, has a bounce house, craft table, huge chalk board, and, of course, great toys for sale. Buy a toy and bounce for free, or pay $2.50 to bounce for 15 minutes.

Here are just a few of the things I like about Big Bounce Toys (besides the obvious): Unlike a lot of other independent toy stores Iíve been in, this one is spacious. I donít worry about my kids (or my big purse) knocking things over in the aisles; The owners have young kids of their own so they actually LIKE kids, interact with them and enjoy them; And theyíre inventory is focused on creativity and education rather than the latest commercial toy trends.

Another thing to like is Craft Saturdays. From noon to 4:00 on Saturdays, kids can participate in that weekís craft project. Even better, you can drop off your child for $10 for one hour while you go get some much needed ďmeĒ time (or grocery shop or whatever).

This past Saturday, they invited the community via their Facebook page to bring socks from home to make sock Easter bunnies. Totally cute. The kind of thing I always think Iíll do with my kids but never get around to doing. They also use their Facebook page to keep their fans up-to-date on weekly specials and changes in store hours and to enjoy news from their favorite fans Ė the kids.

No strangers to the Seaside business community, owners Tiffani and Johnny Wallock are the former owners of the Turn Around Market just steps from the beach and the Lewis and Clark statue. But they were ready for a business that fit with their family lifestyle.

I certainly hope their newest venture is as successful as their last and that whether you have kids of your own or you need to shop for a youngster in your life, youíll visit Big Bounce Toys.


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Tiffani 5/13/2011 
Thank you so much for the great article about our store. It is really nice to hear that people think it's a great idea!! We love having it and hope it thrives. Thank you again!! We appreciate all of the nice things you said and it was informative.

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