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Bruce's Candy Kitchen

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BrucesOK, so here’s my story…I love candy! Love it! Chocolate, gummy bears, peppermints, taffy, black licorice and lemon heads are just a few that I love! And Seaside has some amazing candy stores! Phillips Candies, Tom & Larry Candy and The Portland Fudge Company are among a few of the stores offering an abundance of lovely sugared options to please my sweet tooth. Bruce’s Candy Kitchen is another favorite candy store, but it’s located in Cannon Beach, so I was elated when I found out they were opening a second shop in Seaside.

The new Seaside store is located in the Seaside Outlet Mall (where the Rocky Mountain Candy Company store used to be located). My friend owned the previous shop and I was so happy to see another candy store open up in the mall. There’s nothing better than browsing in stores with candy in hand, plus I firmly believe you cannot have enough stores offering different and unique candy options.

If you have been to Bruce’s Candy Kitchen then you already know of their amazing reputation for delectable taffy, wonderful seasonal mixes (their Christmas one is my favorite), giant jawbreakers (and I mean giant!) and so many other tasty treats.

Today I headed over to their new Seaside store with my little sister to see what they had to offer and was greeted by their familiar pink and white colors. Rows of their homemade taffy (peanut butter chocolate is my absolute favorite), packaged candies, novelty candy, and a huge Jelly Belly display made my candy-loving heart very happy. Like the store in Cannon Beach, they also make dipped chocolates, fudge, brittles, amazing caramel apples and their popular caramel corn.

Bruce’s Candy Kitchen is a family-operated store that opened in 1962. Mark Truax, who is a co-owner of the business, believes the location is just the right fit. "The Factory Outlet Mall is away from downtown Seaside where they already have their share of candy stores," said Truax. 

My sister and I bought peach gummy candy, peanut butter caramels and some chocolate-covered gummy bears. We tried a new Merlot taffy (which wasn’t my favorite) and a cookies and cream fudge (that was pretty amazing). We also checked out all the fun novelty candy and laughed at the giant gummy bears they sold.

One of my favorite things about a candy store is the pure joy on people’s faces when they walk into the store and see all the candy. You feel just like a kid deciding which treat to take with you. So everyone is in the store smiling, buying candy and enjoying the thrill of a well-chose candy. Bruce’s Candy Kitchen is truly a wonderful addition to Seaside! 


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Nate (Seaside VB) 2/1/2013 
Thanks for the comment Betty! yes indeed, you can in fact order candy from your home from Bruce's Candy Kitchen at their website: 

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betty wells 1/30/2013 
can i order candy from your store, from my home..??? i would love to come and visit your candy store and walk on the beach, but, a wheelchair probably wouldn't get very husband and i talk about seaside going back to the sea..things have changed for us..lost left leg due to dr.bad if i could order thru the mail, would be candy....i would be your best customer, in fact, you would have to kick me out of your store at closing, couldn't decide what i fact if wasn't for the wheelchair, i would love to work in your could pay me in candy..really, my pay would be candy...well, thank you for taking time to read this, sure hope i can order from you and your store..good luck on your second store, may you be blessed above all blessings...betty

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