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The Cove in Seaside

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Saturday March 127This weekend in Seaside was a busy one! I took a long walk along the Prom; holding hands with someone special, ate at my favorite restaurants, went to the Pouring at the Coast event, and visited my favorite shops, and spots. The weather was blustery Saturday morning, but by afternoon the sun was out, and shining. Seaside was full of people; both locals and spring breakers enjoying Seaside. There were so many things to do, but I had a destination high on my list. I took my boyfriend, who hadnít been to Seaside since he was little, to one of my favorite places in Seaside-the Seaside Cove.

Rain or shine, the Seaside Cove is a must-see-stop whether youíre a tourist or a local. Itís a mixture of sandy and rocky beach. There are tons of parking spots, and Seltzer Park is just across the street. There are public restrooms and a shower to rinse off sandy feet. There are also plenty of benches for both wave watching and people watching.

On blustery days, Iíve spent many an afternoon sitting in Coveviewmy car, sipping on a coffee watching the waves roll onto the shore, and when the sun is out you can grab a front row seat and watch the surfers rip it up. Itís a favorite spot with long boarders. Youíll see rows of cars lined up with surf racks, and surfboards. Iíve also spent a few fourth of Julys sitting on a blanket on the beach with friends, watching the Seaside Firework display.

Itís more than a place for watching surfers, fireworks, and people. The Seaside Cove is listed in the Oregon Coast Birding Trail guide (you can pick up one at the Chamber of Commerce). Birders can scan the winter ocean for Harlequin Duck, Common Loon, Western Grebe, and Surf and Black Scoter. Common Murre, Pigeon Guillemot, and Pelagic Cormorant are year-round species. From time to time, winter storms bring in Red Phalarope and Northern Fulmar. Grey Whales, harbor porpoise and harbor seal are also present.

The Cove is secluded enough to make it a favorite place of mine to find some peace and quiet during a busy day. I love taking people, like my boyfriend, to this spot, because it showcases the natural beauty of the Oregon Coast. Itís easy to find, from Highway 101 in Seaside, turn west on Avenue U, then turn left of Edgewood Drive. You can park in the public parking spots right along the rocky beach.


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  Comments (2) Last comment made  3/16/2011 
Seaside Visitors Bureau 3/16/2011 
Hi Vicki. Thanks for your comment.Seaside was fortunate to be spared from any damage during the tsunami but geologists were able to track definite abnormalities normally not seen in our area. 

Here is local Tom Horning's take on the surge: "The tsunami was probably 1 to 2 ft high overall; the bore was probably 16 to 24 inches. Given the challenge to the wave of migrating upstream against an ebb tide, I would estimate that its height on the ocean beach was from 2 to 3 ft. It looks a lot like a typical winter sneaker storm wave coming into the bay. However, it had much greater volume than a storm wave. The water just kept on coming in, eventually raising the bay water elevation by about 18 inches over 5 to 10 minutes before ebbing. In a few places, one could hear the small waves lapping over the sand ripples as the water, all 2 to 5 inches deep, spread over the sand flats. The channel surge arrived around 7:42 AM." 

Bottom line is to always respect the water, regardless of conditions. Thanks again for the comment. 

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Vicki 3/16/2011 
I love Seaside - so very much!! I was wondering how it was for you during the tsunami? The news kept mentioning Seaside, but I don't recall anything in particular.

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