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Warm Lights of Christmas in Seaside OR

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Tour Of Lights Collage SmallOne of the things I like doing during the Christmas season is to look at the various displays of lights around town. However, not knowing where to find the most imaginative decorations is a real challenge. But thanks to Pacific Power, Sunset Empire Transportation and the Seaside Chamber of Commerce, this year my oldest grandson and I got the chance to ‘see it all’.

We started the first night of our Christmas break by driving to the Chamber and climbing aboard the trolley which, along with the driver, was provided free of charge by Sunset Empire Transportation. Our tour guide, Doug Barker, told us we were one of the largest crowds he has seen on this tour so I was thankful we arrived in plenty of time.

Before we started, Doug explained there were three contests held for the most creative exhibits. The first category is Neighborhood where the winners receive a certificate, the second is Business in which the winners receive a plaque and the third category is Residential where the first place winner receives one hundred dollars, the second prize is sixty dollars and the third place winner is given forty dollars. Not too shabby to offset the holiday spending.

Although the tour lasted an hour and a half, the time flew by as our driver, Lawrence McDonald, guided by Doug Barker who planned the route, skillfully maneuvered us throughout the various Seaside neighborhoods. When we arrived at the more breathtaking displays (usually contest winners), the driver would stop to let us take pictures outside.

One display was on a street so narrow, the trolley could not get through safely. That’s when we climbed out and walked the short distance to see it. Honestly, I’ve never seen a set of whale bones that looked so inviting! But what I liked best was Seaside Aquarium’s Twelve Days of Christmas posted right next to those bones.

On the twelfth day of Christmas,

My aquarium sent to me

Twelve pirates dancing,

Eleven boats a-sailing,

Ten lighthouses shining,

Nine sea stars leaping,

Eight turtles gliding,

Seven mermaids swimming,

Six glass floats a-floating,


Four calling gulls,

Three stinging nettles,

Two harbor seals,

And a Gray Whale with all his

Bones to see

With the backdrop of foamy white waves against a clear black sky, it was truly a spectacular sight. It was also pretty chilly, so we all trudged back to the trolley to enjoy the rest of our tour.

At the end of our trip, Mr. Barker thanked us and wished us a Merry Christmas on behalf of the Chamber. But it is we who are thankful to them as well as to Pacific Power and Sunset Empire Transportation for the many hours spent organizing this yearly and very enjoyable holiday event.


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