Seaside by foot, wheels or watercraft is pretty special, but taking to the air brings it up another level – pun intended! Weather can always play a role when you want to go airborne, but whether it’s a helicopter flight, ziplining or a paragliding flight, you won’t regret raising the altitude of your visit to Seaside.

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  • discover-paragliding

    Discover Paragliding

    Let the great team at Discover Paragliding make your dreams of flight a reality! Their Master Rated “Couple of Instructors” form a world class team that can take you from that very first day to heights yet only imagined. Wheth...

    PO Box 638
    Warrenton, OR 97146

    (503) 440-0733


  • CXSU14_HighLife_splash

    High Life Adventures

    Enjoy a guided tour of eight zip lines! Take in the beautiful natural setting, complete with seasoned timber, ponds, and a seven-acre lake, all while zipping through the air under the expert watch and assistance of our highly trained guides. Our zip line tour is sure to...

    92111 High Life Road
    Warrenton, OR 97146

    (503) 861-9875


  • B16-helicopt-22

    Seaside Helicopter Tours

    Choose Seaside Helicopters every time you're ready for an exciting helicopter tour. Enjoy breathtaking views of the North Coast. This mild ocean paradise offers beautiful sub tropic climates and stunning rock formations in the water as well as willdlife, forests and muc...

    85911 Highway 101
    Seaside, OR 97138

    (503) 440-4123